Sunday, June 20, 2010

A year's worth

This week marks the first anniversary of this lil' ol' blog. I was telling a friend that it's sort of like having a don't really remember what life was like before it. Were there really years that I could just cook with abandon, throwing things in a pot without measuring and sitting down to eat without a full-blown photo shoot first? (My husband might wish we could go back to those ways). I've gotten used to these pesky little "nuisances" that come along with food blogging; in fact I've learned to appreciate them.

I'm building quite a collection of recipes; not only the ones that end up getting posted, but others that may never see the likes of Blogger. Each recipe has a bit of "life" in it. As I look back through many of them, I remember. The chaotic handwriting and wild scribbling reminds me of when I was frantically trying to get a meal together for unexpected guests; a reunion of friends. The oil spots on the paper make me giggle as I picture myself fuming, spatula in hand, mixing bowl empty, and its former contents dripping out of my hair and down the kitchen walls. Many recipes often contain notes that I've written to myself after we've eaten; "not so great- try again with something acidic"..."Michael thinks the onion texture was funky- he's right- try slicing next time"..."this was a nightmare"..."disgusting". As I came across some of the "disgusting" ones, I wondered why I'd kept them. I guess it has something to do with learning from your mistakes... I don't ever want to forget that eating a cup of edamame puree was a BAD idea.

Life. That is what's represented in these recipes. We've gotta take the good with the bad, the successes with the failures, and try to be humbled by them both. On the days that I'm frustrated, overwhelmed, and wondering why I'm doing this, I think of my daughter. My mom has given me such a rich history of recipes; such an archive of living through the pages that fill her cookbooks. Even though I get onto her about getting them organized so that I'll be able to sort through them one day, I am grateful for their existence and want to pass along this heritage. In my family, FOOD is our "love language" (admittedly sometimes to a fault). Thanks for coming here and letting me share a little bit of love. Thanks for reading.
To sort of commemorate the event I thought it'd be fun to go back and see what recipes YOU liked the most this year. Here they are, your Top12 (ew, I felt like Ryan Seacrest saying that). I gotta say, you surprised me with some of these...never thought beet custard would get such a response! (Oh- click the links to see the post and the recipes).


Simply Life said...

YUM! All of those look amazing and congrats to a year of blogging!

Joel and Katie said...

Happy Anniversary to one of my all-time favorite blogs!!!

Brie: Le Grand Fromage said...

happy anniversary! i love seeing your dishes and i think my favorite from last year was the Frozen Beet Custard with sweet and salty Turnip Chips since it was so unexpected and really got me thinking more openly about food pairings and what you can do with food. best wishes for another great year!

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